We seek to provide the best for our customers through our innovative, practical and top quality products. Taha & Qashou offers valuable unique services and products that increase efficiency. Moreover, we act as a source of extensive information and expertise in the Agri Trade.

Our standards

Taha & Qashou aims to be a highly visible company firmly established as a supplier of high quality agricultural inputs and services. To this end, it will develop and market its specialized products in the retail and wholesale channels, becoming a leader in the agriculture sector.


Company Founders

      The Late Eng. M. Taha

         Rafat Qashu Ph. D

The Late Eng. Nael Qashu (CEO)

Management Edge

The strength of Taha & Qashou’s management team stems from the combination of their expertise in both management and technical areas. This expertise has allowed Taha & Qashou’s management team to establish broad and flexible goals designed to meet the ever-changing demands of the quickly moving marketplace of TQ’s various products and services.


The best of professionals

MR. Luay KashOu - CEO
Chief executive officer